Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Sonya's son Josh came over last night, so I made him a little treat. As I was making it, I realized that it's a pretty cool idea for birthday parties or a get together focused around I am sharing.

  • Cake - box or scratch - any flavor - whatever floats your boat
  • One box of standard ice cream cones - the kind that are flat on the bottom
  • One - Two batches of butter cream icing (any kind of icing would probably work)*
  • Icing colors (regular food coloring is fine)
  • Jimmies or other ice cream type sprinkles
  • Small Circle cutter - if you don't have one, a shot glass would probably work. That is about the right size.
Bake the cake and set aside to cool.

Make the icing and divide into 3 separate bowls.

Color each bowl of icing a different color.

Set up ice cream cones on a flat tray or baking sheet.

Insert a dollop of icing into the bottom of the ice cream cone. If you make 3 colors, use same color in 4 cones, then switch to another color until all cones have a dollop of icing in the bottom.

Use the cutter or shot glass to cut cake into small circles that can be inserted into cones. Push down on cake to make it stay in the cone. Put cake in all 12 cones.

Next put another dollop of icing in each cone, alternating colors so you ultimately end up with a cone with all 3 colors in it.

Do a second circle of cake in each cone and cover with icing - this should put you at the top of the cone.

Finally top with one more circle of cake on each cone, then use a piping bag and tip (Easy Accent Decorator from Pampered Chef works great) to add final layer of icing in the shape of a soft serve ice cream cone. Remember to alternate colors so you end up with 4 cones in each color.

Be sure to refrigerate so icing doesn't slide off, but before you pick up your baking sheet and head to the forewarned. Use one of the cupcake carriers or a deep Tupperware container where you can stand them up against each other and the walls of the container because they WILL fall over.  Josh got to eat one, and I have 4 left that didn't bit the dust as I tried to transfer them to the fridge. Lesson learned.

Very quick and easy to put together in my opinion and Josh loved it. He wanted more, but I think after all of that icing he would have been up all night!

* - I say 1 - 2 because I made two batches and had quite a bit leftover. Probably enough to do 6 more cones. I'm not sure 1 would have been enough, but I also might have put more in each cone than was really necessary.

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